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Virtual Office in New Zealand

Updated on Thursday 18th February 2021

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Virtual-office-in-New-Zealand.jpgOpening a company in New Zealand implies various requirements imposed by the Company Law, one of the most important ones being to have a legal address in a city in this country. One of the cheapest and fastest solutions for obtaining a registered address is by purchasing a virtual office in New Zealand with the help of our local advisors.
The virtual office is a special service that allows businesses to benefit from a local presence without the need to maintain a permanent presence at the said location. For many businesses that are not constrained by their physical location, a virtual office in Auckland or in another city can be a suitable choice.
Our company registration representatives in New Zealand can also assist during the entire incorporation procedure of a business in this country. We can assist from the earliest company incorporation stages, such as preparing the documents and reserving the company name, to setting up and selecting the virtual office in NZ, should you choose to run the business in this manner.
We invite you to read more about the advantages of this type of office and reach out to us if you have any questions about the overall procedure for selecting these services.

What are the virtual office services available in New Zealand?

Small and medium-sized businesses can be the ones to benefit the most from investing in virtual office services. Having a business address is mandatory regardless of the chosen solution, and this is the first and foremost advantage of selecting these services: all virtual office services providers in New Zealand will include the office address as part of their package. This way, the company choosing to work via a virtual office in New Zealand will be able to maintain a professional business image.


The range of services can vary largely from one provider to another, however, the virtual office services foreign investors can generally purchase in New Zealand and complete and contain the following:
  • -          a local phone number for keeping in touch with business partners in and outside New Zealand;
  • -          an address which can be used for receiving mail and other types of correspondence;
  • -          high-quality equipment for video-conferences, video-calling, and other services;
  • -          meeting rooms, if you need to have a meeting in a New Zealand city with clients or partners.
Investors must know that all the virtual offices provided by our New Zealand company formation representatives are located in top business centers, therefore maintaining the aforementioned business image will be simple when selecting these packages.
Additional services can include a receptionist (in some cases, the client can choose between live and auto receptionists), business support services, private offices or hot desks, customer support, private locker, catering services as well as others. It is common for virtual office providers to use an appointment-booking method for reserving meeting rooms.
Some locations provide after-hours services as well as services on weekends (such as 24/7 access to a private office or other services).
Virtual office plans have different starting points and a basic package will commonly include the local office address and telephone number, mail handling and forwarding, office space and access to copy and print services. Investors are advised to check the types of packages and choose one that best suit their needs before they commit.
The payment plans can include a minimum number of days per week or a personalized plan that will suit the needs of the business owners. Selecting an adequate plan is essential, especially for those looking to cut the costs related to unneeded office space. This means that when the business can be run remote, there is no need to select a plan that offers 7 days access to the virtual office services when a 4 days/week (or another plan) will suit the needs of the business.

Why buy virtual office services in New Zealand?

When starting a business in New Zealand, the two options for having a legal address here are the traditional rented office and the virtual office in NZ which is actually a service you can contract. As such, the virtual office offers more benefits, among which:
  • 1.       it can be customized to your needs and requirements, related to the location and equipment;
  • 2.       speaking about equipment, you will not need to bring or buy anything for that space;
  • 3.       it is a service; therefore, all the terms and conditions can be agreed upon in the contract;
  • 4.       you can send an employee to the office; however, this is not a mandatory requirement.
A virtual office in New Zealand can help you save both time and space, but the greatest advantage is that it is one of the cheapest options when starting a business. Companies that have switched to remote work during 2020, or start-ups looking to reduce the overall start-up costs can explore this option that will offer them lower costs and a high degree of flexibility.

Doing business in New Zealand

Business owners need to observe the general rules of company incorporation, registration and taxation whether or not they choose to run their company through a virtual office in Auckland or through a traditional one.
Below, our company formation agents list the most important issues to consider:
  • Name: the new company needs to have a unique name that does not infringe other existing ones; a preliminary check can be performed to ensure that the desired name is available for registration; this is a step that should be done before designing the company logo in order to make sure that the chosen name is indeed available;
  • Main business registration: this is the registration with the Companies Office, after which the company can start dong business;
  • Other registrations: the new company may wish to register their IR rights in New Zealand with the Intellectual Property Office;
  • Taxation: companies in New Zealand pay a corporate income tax of 28% as well as other taxes; using a virtual office in NZ only influences the fixed business costs related to this office, not the manner in which the business is taxed (it is still considered a resident for tax purposes even when running the business through a virtual office).
Additional issues related to company formation can be related to the local authority rules. In New Zealand, each territorial authority can impose rules and regulations for business activities and investors are advised to find out what these rules and requirements are in their selected area. Our company formation team can help you with this step.
Conducting a sound market research as well as drawing up a good business plan are essential for investors who are preparing to open a company in New Zealand.
670,503 companies were registered as of 31 January 2021. Other data provided by the Companies Office shows the following:
  • there were 14,808 financial services providers;
  • 497,964 searches were performed on the company register data in January 2021;
  • 3,816 annual returns were filed in January 2021.
Our team can answer any questions you have about the requirements listed above and can help investor with pre- and post-registration solutions.
Business owners who are looking for virtual office packages in New Zealand in 2021 can reach out to our agents. We offer personalized virtual office and company registration services in New Zealand.

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