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Open a Branch Office in New Zealand

Updated on Wednesday 05th December 2018

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Open-branch-office-in-New-Zealand.jpgJust like foreign investors, foreign companies interested in setting up their business presence in New Zealand benefit from very advantageous conditions. Among these, the possibility of deciding the type of structure they can use for their operations in New Zealand.

Foreign companies can open subsidiary companies, branch offices or representative offices in New Zealand. Out of these 3 options, the subsidiary and the branch office are the most employed. A New Zealand branch office is an extension of a foreign company in this country, which means it is legally bound to complete the activities of the parent company.

Those who want to open a branch office can rely on our New Zealand company formation consultants for assistance in registering this business form.

Requirements for opening a New Zealand branch office

Foreign companies seeking to set up branches in New Zealand are subject to the requirements imposed by the Company Law which provides for the following:

  • -          the branch office must have a legal address and a resident representative;
  • -          the branch office must have a local management body, who can be made of natural persons or other companies;
  • -          the parent company is required to file the necessary documents for incorporation with the Companies Register in New Zealand;
  • -          the representative of the parent company must open a corporate bank account with a local bank.

If you are a foreign investor looking to set up a company in New Zealand, our local advisors can offer the necessary information to get started.

Obligations of branch offices in New Zealand

As a satellite of the foreign company, the New Zealand branch office is required to submit the following information with the Companies Register:

  • -          information about the parent company – the address in the home country and its incorporation documents;
  • -          annual accounting documents- financial statements of both branch and parent company;
  • -          information about a representative of the parent company in New Zealand;
  • -          an e-mail address through which the parent company can be contacted by the authorities.

Branch offices can operate in various industries in New Zealand based on specific licenses.

For assistance in opening a branch office in New Zealand, please contact us. You can also rely on us for other company formation services in New Zealand.


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