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Buy a Shelf Company in New Zealand

Updated on Wednesday 05th December 2018

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Buy-shelf-company-in-New-Zealand.jpgForeign investors who want to set up a company in New Zealand have several choices. The most common ones are registering new companies with the Trade Register or buying other companies. The second option is preferred by those interested in starting to do business on the New Zealand market as soon as possible.

Most of the times, they will buy New Zealand ready-made or shelf companies. Below, our company formation agents in New Zealand explain how to purchase a shelf company in this country.

Characteristics of shelf companies in New Zealand

Shelf companies in New Zealand have the following characteristics:

  • -          they are usually registered for a few months or years and have all the necessary documents to start economic activities right away;
  • -          most of the ready-made companies in New Zealand are registered as limited liability companies;
  • -          New Zealand shelf companies come with tax and VAT numbers and have no liabilities;
  • -          they can be purchased quite fast through sale-purchase agreements.

Our New Zealand company formation consultants can guide foreign investors who want to buy shelf companies. We can also help with due diligence procedures, as this is often recommended when buying a ready-made company.

Steps for purchasing a ready-made company in New Zealand

Foreigners who want to purchase New Zealand shelf companies must follow the steps described below:

  1.        select the right type of structure and verify if it suits their requirements;
  2.        have the sale-purchase agreement drafted and meet with the seller in order to complete the formalities;
  3.        once the company is bought, the necessary changes, such as the trade name, the company’s address, shareholders and director names must be announced to the Trade Register;
  4.        apply for the necessary licenses required to operate, if the case requires.

Our company registration advisors in New Zealand can help with the changes that can be made to a shelf company.

Why buy a shelf company in New Zealand?

Shelf companies are quite cheap in New Zealand and they offer a fast start when it comes to doing business in this country. It is also easier to apply for loans with local banks through a shelf company.

For more information on the advantages of shelf companies or assistance in buying one, please contact our representatives in New Zealand.



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